Coaching can help YOU

Do you feel stressed, struggle to find motivation, self-confidence issues, anxiety, relationships problems, fears and/or other issues that translate into you earning less money than you could without feeling happy and satisfied?

The challenges are real

There’s the work & life balance, earning money, relationships and family. These pressures can be too much for many of us and can lead to developing unhealthy coping mechanisms to find relief.

My coaching works

Coaching works through having an accountability partner to help you create your new reality. I have found a system that you can use to motivate and support yourself to rediscover on how to find joy and happiness in your life again.

Coaching will allow you to find balance, ease and support while you take daily steps towards your dreams and finical freedom while doing what you love. Rather than just surviving and waiting until you can enjoy the fruits of your labour, you can thrive as you allow yourself to step into this process for growth with the support you need and want.

Amrit Singh has been studying Kundalini Yoga for over 30 years which gives him the ability to deeply understand and connect with his clients. In 1999 Amrit Singh decided to move to India to deepen his exploration of yoga and meditation. After 20 years in India, he recently moved to Valle de Bravo in Mexico. 

During all these years his true passion has always been in helping people through 1-1 coaching, with a special focus on supporting people to create the freedom they need while doing what they love.

During any transitional point in our lives, it can be easy to lose the sense of who we are, what we want and where we are heading.

This can feel extremely confusing and overwhelming and leave us with a sense of paralysis that doesn’t allow us to step out of the comfort of how life used to be.

Investing in a coach can help you say, “I want to do this” confidently and proud.

Working with me as your coach can benefit in the following ways:

* You get the opportunity to review your life until now and set a new goal and direction for the rest of your life

* You are encouraged to see the world from a fresh perspective

* You can begin to set your own goals for self-improvement and start implementing them right away

* You get to express your emotions and feelings in a healthy way and learn how much dormant energy is wasted in feeling stuck

* You get the support of an objective and non-judgmental guide

* You learn to build confidence in your own skills and unique abilities

* You will leave with a new sense of motivation and boost of inspiration and energy to live the best version of your life 

One on one coaching is offered to create a client-centered plan that is focused on the core areas of your life: relationship with Self, community, physical body, emotions, mind, spirit, purpose, making money and fun. 

I will help you to identify the goals for creating the life you want, and provide tools for staying motivated to work through change. Coaching is a process for moving forward and having someone to challenge and support your growth while holding you accountable to your own success.

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